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Alorra Lynn was born on August 10th, 2000, bringing happiness to Mom and Dad and her two brothers, Cobretti and Drake, and her half-sister, Lauren, and to all of her many Grandmas and Grandpas and relatives.  Despite the doctor's reassurances that nothing was wrong with her, and that she would "grow out of her colic", Alorra continued to have almost constant pain and ongoing difficulty in eating, and her parents KNEW that something was wrong, despite what the doctors said.

When she was a little over a year old, she began having seizures and other problems, and was no longer able to vocalize.  On October 27th, 2001 she was admitted to Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital in St. Louis with life-threatening complications of her disability, and the doctors there agreed that she did, indeed, have serious health problems:  some type of genetic mitocchondrial disease.  Because of the generousity of
The Ronald McDonald House  Mom and Dad and Brothers were able to spend time there with her, because Mom and Dad felt strongly that as parents, on of them (or both, depending on her stability) needed to be present to oversee things at the hospital at all times, despite their obvious need to continue working.  She stayed there in the PICU ward for many tests and procedures, including the insertion of both a breathing tube and a gastro button for feeding her through the stomach.

Alorra was a strong little girl, always fighting to stay with her loving family.  When the doctors sent her home on February 4th, 2003, they said they could not pinpoint which mitochondrial disease she had, and her main doctor even said to her parents that they should "take her home because they couldn't help her anymore".  But Mom and Dad were determined to do everything they could to make little Alorra's life as beautiful, as productive, and as long as possible.  During the last year of her life, she enjoyed her beautiful room, her "school" and her family.  She had many friends, therapists, and nurses, who came to see her, and was quite happy when people came to visit and play with her.  Sadly, she died on November 29, 2003 and she is greatly missed by all of those who love her.

Alorra brought joy and light into the world, and anyone who was around her benefited in countless ways.  But as anyone with a special needs child in their home knows, disabilities also bring mental, physical, emotional, and financial hardships, and helping other families with these challenges has been the motivating force which has inspired the founding of this nonprofit corporation, Special Needs Support, Inc.

Our mission is to help other Special Needs Children and their Families by providing information, financial support, medical supplies and equipment, clothing and household needs for the whole family, along with the opportunity to just talk to someone "who has been there". SNS, Inc. is here with a listening ear, and to help you wherever we can with the things you don't have the information, resources, time or strength to do for yourself.